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Day 2 on Scarsdale…so far so good…

Sunday I went down to the grocery store and bought all my foods for at least the first week of the Scarsdale diet and started out just great on Monday morning.  I had my grapefruit juice and toast and went about my work day all focused and ready to get through the first week of my two weeks of the Scarsdale diet.  Lunch time came around and I had my cottage cheese, fruit, and walnuts and still was quite motivated and went back to work.

My son had dart ball at the church so I took him over and dropped him off thinking about my dinner which would soon be tuna and lettuce with apple cider vinegar and another piece of toast.  All of a sudden I got one of those dang cravings that I just hate and this time it was for KFC Original Recipe chicken.  It was like my Jeep was on auto pilot and the next thing I knew I was at the drive thru ordering two original recipe chicken breasts, mashed potato and gravy and two biscuits.  And it was perfect…the chicken had been out of the fryer long enough so the skin was kind of crunchy around the edges with a lot of extra breading and the biscuits were nice and soft which I happily plopped mashed potato and gravy onto.  What the heck happened??

Until next time, keep laughing!

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