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Eat Twinkies and lose weight…

Lose weight by eating Twinkies…The Junk Food Diet?” – According to this article, Mark Haub lost 27 pounds in eight weeks by eating basically a diet in which two-thirds of his food intake included nothing but junk food like Twinkies, Little Debbie snacks, etc. He maintained an 1,800 calorie diet which also included one protein shake, a multivitamin, a can of green beans, and a few stalks of celery. So the protein shake, celery, and can of green beans probably totalled about 320 calories so that means approximately 1,480 calories was made up of sweets. Generally speaking, Little Debbie snacks range in calories from 170 to 310 so he ate about six of these snacks during the day. His cholesterol actually lowered several points during this eight weeks too if you can believe it.

I am not really sure of the point of this particular diet, unless it was to show that it does not matter what your caloric intake actually consists of, but just limit your caloric intake and you will still lose weight. I guess he offset the obvious unhealthy aspect of the diet with the protein shakes, veggies, and multivitamin which would make sense. However…

All I have to say is – Yuck. Little Debbie snacks and sweets like that certainly would not be my choice of junk food following an 1,800 junk food diet…more like Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk which is 310 calories per serving, which of course means a whopping calorie count of 1,240 for the pint. Please tell me who actually cracks open a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and eats only a half a cup??

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