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Ditch the diet and live longer!

The article starts out by asking, “Are you a reluctant dieter?”  What kind of question is that?  Is there anybody out there that likes being on a diet?

“The researchers said the idea that weight is harmful has been “exaggerated” and people who are little heavier may actually live longer. The California University (CU) study that looked at about 350,000 people in the US also suggested that the obese put their health in greater danger when they obsessively try to slim down.”

“It recommended that people should eat a varied and balanced diet, and take “enjoyable” amounts of exercise — even if they still end up carrying a few extra pounds. The researchers also noted that society’s obsession with dieting is “ineffective” and often leads to people becoming fatter as they crave food and binge, the Daily Mail reported.”

As a professional dieter and fat expert myself, this article comes as no surprise to me.  I know I am fat but I also know I am healthy.  The article refers to society’s obsesssion with dieting but the real bottom line is society’s obsession with what is considered “normal.”  This is what is most aggravating.  Who creates the “normal” guidelines anyway?  We are all familiar with the ones from the doctor’s office that say if you are this tall, this age, and have this body structure you should be this weight.  Really?  If that were true then everybody would look the same and how “normal” would that be?

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