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Is there a vaccine for ignorance?

I recently came across this Australian article, “Graphic advertisements showing damaged vital organs or people drinking liquefied body fat should be used to shock Victorians into giving up junk food and sugary soft drinks, health groups have proposed.  The Australian Medical Association says campaigns promoting healthy eating habits and exercise have failed to curb the obesity epidemic and shock tactics are now needed.”

“They want a campaign modeled on recent New York City health department ads, which showed a man drinking a beaker full of body fat, and shoveling down 16 sachets of sugar.”

Yeah, I think that will work!!  Not.  This is another example of the general mentality that anyone who is “obese” is just kicking back on the couch stuffing their face with Oreos, pizza, cheese curls, and intravenous soda.  They are comparing this to the anti-smoking commercials which show body organs that are damaged from smoking.  The one factual difference is that obesity is not always directly related to food intake whereas damage from smoking is directly related to the act of smoking.  Period.

Excuse me while I go eat a pound of butter…

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Until next time, keep laughing!

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