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Surgery, the answer for weight loss – No way!

No matter how much I weigh, I would never consider the Lap-Band, or gastric bypass, or anything else surgically to “correct” my obesity.  Statistically I am sure many people have had these surgeries and are happy.  Good for them.  It is just not for me.  I knew a couple of people I worked with in Florida who had gastric bypass and they lost like 100 pounds in four to six months or something crazy like that, but long-term they ended up back where they started from.  So was it really worth it?

I have been a medical transcriptionist for 18 years and my very first account was with a gastroenterology office.  I used to type reports on women that underwent the Roux-en-Y surgery, commonly known as gastric bypass, and five to ten years later had medical issues directly related to that surgery.

The whole concept doesn’t make sense to me.  After the surgery you eat very small portions.  Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t cutting back on portions to lose weight kind of a no brainer which you can do without major surgery?  How many times have we heard, “I have tried every diet and I just can’t lose weight.”  I think that’s a cop out just to go for the easy way out, or what is perceived as the easy way out – body altering surgery…Yikes!  Diets do work but I will admit that in my career as a professional dieter some work better than others and it is totally up to the individual.  With that said though, even if you have the surgery, if you are not meant to be a skinny person, you will not be a skinny person.  Period.  Same thing goes for dieting, if you are not meant to be a skinny person, you will not be a skinny person.  Sure you will lose weight, but the inevitable outcome is what your body decides is right for you.  Remember those little things called genes?

So stop stressing about it and be happy people!!  If you want to override your body’s genes and teach them a lesson then go ahead – starve yourself and exercise 12 hours a day.  I would rather be fat and happy then skinny and miserable – just sayin’…

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Until next time, keep laughing!

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