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Willpower is not endless…who knew??

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So I came across this article that is titled, “The Moments That Make Us Fat.”

According to the article, our willpower is not inexhaustible and when it’s gone… well, you are pretty much screwed.  Some of the tips the author is offering when this willpower obviously has lost its effect include when you are on vacation you should share your goodies with your friends.  Good suggestion.

Another would be to not arrive hungry at a party with lots of scrumptious food and to eat some protein or have a snack before you go.  Also, limiting the amount of alcohol would be a big help because we all know that intoxication plays a major role in just randomly pigging out.  Seriously.  Good suggestion but highly unlikely to happen.

The solution to not overindulging at a buffet is to not go to a buffet.  Not go to a buffet??  That is your answer?  Who can turn their back on a good buffet?  I bet the author of this article still goes to buffets…

To deal with big portions in a restaurant, the recommendation is to get your doggy bag packed ahead of time.  You know, have your server actually put half your food packed to go and not even bring it to you.  Creative, but not a good suggestion because some things are just not as good heated up after you take them home and, therefore, must be eaten at the restaurant.  Period.

After a break up it is suggested to call one of your good friends and go for a power walk.  A power walk??  Noooo….how about heading to the nearest Denny’s for a nacho platter and an All American Slam with a side of mayo to dip your fries in that you got instead of hash browns.  Oh, with a Diet Coke.  Power walk??  Really??

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Until next time, keep laughing!

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