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Is fat the new skinny?

Of course not!!! Not even me, the fat chick from way back, would take that sort of view on the subject of fat.  It is a little befuddling though how all these years have gone by and society still has the same view point on fat people – they eat too much and do not care about themselves and that is why they are fat.  Obviously anyone who is fat eats too much, right?

Over the past couple of years I had lost approximately 60 pounds with the best ever Scarsdale Diet taking liberal breaks in between the serious dieting.  After I stopped focusing on dieting I was teetering within 10 pounds of what I lost for several months.  At the beginning of October I was still at that weight, but right before Thanksgiving I got on the scale because I had a feeling I had put more weight back on.  Well was I shocked to see it was a whopping 20 pounds in a matter of four to six weeks.  Was it because I was stuffing my face morning,noon, and night?  No.  Was it because I was no longer exercising 12 hours a day?  No, because I do not even exercise 12 hours in a month 🙂  I was talking to a friend about it and she actually reminded me about October and November when I had an extra doctor to transcribe with all my regular work and she remembered me being totally stressed out about my work load.  Talking about a light bulb moment…That was it!!

Hate to sound like a broken record here but to say that all fat people are fat because they eat too much is such a bunch of cockamamie hoopla spoken from skinny people who have always been skinny and think the reason why they are so wonderfully proportioned is because of their rigid exercise program and healthy eating….No, you just happen to be one of the lucky ones not born with the fat gene.  If you ate at McDonald’s every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and topped it off with an evening dessert of my good buddies Ben & Jerry you would still be skinny.  And you would still suck.  Ha!  Just kidding!!

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Until next time, keep laughing!

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