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Is it possible to be fat and healthy??

The general belief nowadays is that if you are fat you are unhealthy.  Period.  Doctors tell you it is unhealthy, the media talks about how all the fat people in the world are messing up health care with all their fatness, and it is drilled home you must not have a shred of self-respect for yourself if you are fat because, as we all know, only skinny people respect themselves….blah, blah, blah.

I recently read an article that points out that being fat is not all bad and that losing weight just may not be the answer.  In this article, More Curves Ahead – Hefty Can Mean Healthy, it states, “Nobody disputes the fact that losing weight and maintaining healthy weight is a job unto itself. But fat is not all bad: A York University study published last year found that obese people who are otherwise healthy live just as long as their slim counterparts – and are actually less likely to die of cardiovascular causes.”

“Our findings challenge the idea that all obese individuals need to lose weight,” said lead author Jennifer Kuk, assistant professor inYork’s School of Kinesiology & Health Science. “Moreover, it’s possible that trying, and failing, to lose weight may be more detrimental than simply staying at an elevated body weight and engaging in a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a balanced diet.”

As I have said all along, for those of us with the fat gene it does not make sense to bust our asses trying to exercise hours on end or eat rabbit food as a staple because biology will win every time people!!   I am fat and happy and I will continue to lose weight and work towards losing another 50 pounds but am I going to let it run my life?  No way!  Am I still eating Denny’s nachos, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and Chili’s southwestern egg rolls?  You bet I am!  Am I happy?  You bet I am! Oh, and healthy…imagine that!!

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Until next time, keep laughing!

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