A little about me…

I grew up in a small town in Maine and moved to Florida in my early 20’s where I lived several years before moving back to Maine with my son in 2002.  I owned a successful medical transcription business for 25 years and have continued in the medical administrative field. I like to keep myself busy and it is not unusual for me to have one or more “side hustle” entrepreneurial adventures going! These have included selling real estate, vintage photography for children, handmade wedding centerpieces, dessert and lunch delivery services, and inventing a pet product Doggie No Slips.

I decided to write Making Light of Being Heavy to put a comical spin on my reality of being a fat chick.  Hey, if anyone can see the humor in being fat it’s someone who’s fat…right?  If my perspective provides insight and encouragement to just one fellow fat chick out there, Making Light of Being Heavy is a best seller!