According to an article published by Harvard Health Publishing on June 24, 2019, "Research suggests that for some people, genes
The general belief nowadays is that if you are fat you are unhealthy.  Period.  Doctors tell you it is unhealthy,
Of course not!!! Not even me, the fat chick from way back, would take that sort of view on the
I think we all know where I stand on this issue, pretty sure the answer is a big fat NO. 
So I came across this article that is titled, “The Moments That Make Us Fat.” According to the article,
I think there might be varied opinions on this one, but for me personally I do not even watch them
That is the title of 6-year-old LaNiyah Bailey’s book that was self-published by her mom.  She is a little girl
No matter how much I weigh, I would never consider the Lap-Band, or gastric bypass, or anything else surgically to
If you have been reading my blog, you already know my opinion on this whole fat tax thing. To be
I do not think there is a number of different ways to do this, actually only one. Change your reaction