My mother to this day will tell you that I was not fat growing up.  There are pictures in my
First let me intro this with a little history.  Many may recall the show The Love Boat back in the
I recently came across this Australian article, “Graphic advertisements showing damaged vital organs or people drinking liquefied body fat should
Making Light of Being Heavy was inspired by my daily life as a fat chick.  Specifically, one summer day a
The article starts out by asking, “Are you a reluctant dieter?”  What kind of question is that?  Is there anybody
According to my pocket Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of willpower is “energetic determination.” I do believe that the word energetic
“Lose weight by eating Twinkies…The Junk Food Diet?” – According to this article, Mark Haub lost 27 pounds in eight
Anyone who has been following my blog or has read my book knows that I am a firm believer in
As I mentioned earlier in my blog, the virtual book tour went very well this past November and December with
Don’t go on a diet, just pitch a tent outside to lose weight in the winter. According to an article