With so much negativity out there about being fat, in my book I decided to focus on some positive points
I have been working on my book trailer this weekend with my good friend Chris. The gist of it basically
As mentioned earlier in my blog, this past November and December I had a successful virtual book tour with Pump
Sunday I went down to the grocery store and bought all my foods for at least the first week of
So according to the article, “Study Shows Fat Tax Is Ideal To Cut Obesity Rates,” the latest and greatest way
Hello everyone!  During the months of November and December my book Making Light of Being Heavy was on a virtual
According to an the article on WebMD  “New Genes Linked to Obesity, Belly Fat” - two studies have identified
So I have successfully completed two weeks of the Scarsdale Diet and have lost 14 more pounds.  Yay!!  Getting closer
The title of the article I refer to was “Fat and Unaware: Most Obese Americans Don’t Think They Are.”  This
In an article titled, “The Staggering Cost of Obesity Increases To $100 Billion Per Annum” it states that, “Obesity kills