Here’s what people have to say after reading Making Light of Being Heavy

“This is definitely out of my normal genre of books but I found this book an interesting read. Kandy Siahaya is an absolute delight with her humorous storytelling style. She makes light of being heavy and that is exactly what her book is about! Kandy simply says she is fat, not big boned, morbidly obese or overweight, and she is okay with that. Her strong positive personality shows throughout the book which leaves you laughing and agreeing with her insightful thoughts. Definitely makes you think differently about society fat vs skinny, healthy food vs non healthy food, costs of eating healthy and how much easier it would possibly be if we simply just lend a helping hand. It’s a shame that because of how someone looks can determine if you are worthy of being treated like a human being. So regardless if you are fat or thin this book is definitely an inspirational read and you might even learn a thing or two about yourself. Thank you Kandy for writing a hilarious yet helpful book!”

“Frank, honest, witty and to the point, Making Light of Being Heavy by Kandy Siahaya takes a closer look at life and what it is like to be fat (yes, it is okay to use the term fat, see page 55). Siahaya debunks many myths and misconceptions that float around such as those who are fat must be ignorant, lazy, unmotivated, with low self-esteem. Through humour, personal experiences and research, Siahaya writes frankly about her life, diets, exercise, the worst things people have said and done and ultimately shows the reader that she is a strong woman who is happy to be who she is. How many people, regardless of shape can honestly say they love themselves for who they are, just as they are? The diet industry would not be so powerful and wealthy if people accepted themselves. Siahaya is not recommending a life of non-exercise and unhealthy habits, rather she is merely stating that one can be fit and fat and still be happy. I found myself laughing along with Siahaya and so very pleased she decided to share her thoughts, insights, and experiences with the world. I would recommend Making Light of Being Heavy to all readers, and maybe, more understanding, tolerance, and acceptance will be the result.”

” This is a refreshing read. Kandy has a catching tone to her book. She is extremely positive and it shines off the pages with her humor. If you’re heavy, or even if you’re not, this is a great book just to have. So check it out, you won’t be sorry.”

“Hilarious….for once an actual book about being fat that is honest, raw and funny. While I don’t know what its like to grow up with obesity or the “fat“ as Kandy refers to throughout the book, I have struggled after my pregnancies to lose weight. It’s hard, frustrating and at times discouraging. I loved the honesty and accurate portrayal of the ups and downs of dieting and weight loss. Some of the comments were so dead-on I thought maybe she read my mind. Kandy walks through some very popular and unpopular diets that most of us struggling to lose weight have gone on. I personally have never tried these hard-core diets and they seem gross and painfully depressing!!

Mostly though this book made me laugh…..I loved that Kandy along with promoting the fact that diets are hard and a pain in the butt knew the importance of keeping your body at a reasonable weight and that most of these fad diets out there just don’t work in the long run. A fun guide for any of you out there wanting to lose weight or need a good laugh for encouragement.”

“Oh my gosh – did this book ever hit home!!! Bravo Kandy, for speaking out, and saying what so many of us feel. I’ve always let my weight define who I am (as many others have), but I’m tired of letting my size “weigh me down”.  Between the covers of this very thin book, are some very heavy thoughts…and ones that I can truly grasp.  Do I want to be fat? Of course not – but am I willing to do what it really takes for me to look “normal”?  I’m coming to realize that I don’t think so…and that’s OK.  At least, that’s what I’m going to try to convince myself.  If only Kandy could give me a call every week or so, to give me a pep talk *sigh*.”

“This book has given me a lot of insight, not only into my own weight issues, but my self esteem issues as well.  I just love reading about other women who are going through the same thing I am, and knowing that I’m not alone in it and not crazy either.  The struggles of weight loss are never easy, but this book, Making Light of Being Heavy, will put a smile on your face no matter what weight issue you might have.

I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age who is struggling with their weight.  It’ll make you think.  It’ll make you smile and laugh.  It’ll make you feel good about your struggles and yourself.  Definitely worth the read! “

“When I received the email offering this book, I was instantly interested in it.  I have always been on the chubby side and growing up, I watched my mom go on lots of different diets.  Eventually, I learned that it is not what is on the outside that matters, but on the inside.  That is the basis for this book, and it approaches the subject with humor.  I think that’s what made me like the book the most.  The book had me laughing out loud through most of it.  I find it really inspiring that the author was so comfortable with herself to write something like this, and I think a lot of women would relate to it.  This was a great and funny light read.”

“If anyone can see the humor in being heavy it is a heavy person.  That is exactly why Kandy Siahaya is able to speak from experience.  Most of her life she has struggled with being heavy (overweight, fat) whatever you want to call it so she can definitely speak from experience.  In her book, Making Light of Being Heavy, Siahaya takes a lighthearted look from her own personal life.  She definitely enlightens her readers.  This book is a quick read with a bit of humor and a lot of reality.  Siahaya describes herself as naturally fat and prefers to remain positive about it.”

“It’s refreshing to see someone so comfortable in their own skin to put something like this out there. Kudos to Kandy for not only writing a book, but writing one that so many women can relate to – and it may even boost their self-esteem a bit in the making.” – Great Books and Fresh Coffee

“Kandy Siahaya is like a breath of fresh air…Kandy opens up our eyes to the fact that heavy people are people, too, and if you can’t laugh at the situation, you’re going down the wrong path.” – As The Pages Turn

“This book, Making Light of Being Heavy, by Kandy Siahaya, is about being heavy, or in other words…fat. I have to admit that there were times when I was laughing out loud….” – High-Tech Book Review Blog

“The fact that we come in different shapes and sizes cannot be taken as a blanket indicator of whether we are a good or bad person with self control or no self control. Making Light of Being Heavy is a step towards confirming that.” – The Book Tiger

“This isn’t a rant book; this is a book that is a fact of life for overweight people everywhere. I’m so glad there’s a book like this out there and so proud that Kandy has the chutzpa to come out and tell us like it really is.” – As The Pages Turn